Keeping Families Together, a short film for One Sky Foundation – Thailand 2016

In December 2015 I traveled to Sangkhlaburi, in Thailand, where I had the honor to join One Sky Foundation, a local NGO working to meet the needs of vulnerable children.

Sangkhlaburi, on the Thai Burma border, is not a big town, but more than 600 children are living in 17 children’s homes, away from the love and care of their families. None of the homes are legally registered.

In 2015, Social Services and One Sky Foundation interviewed all of the children, to find out that 90% of them have at least one living parent.

Most of the children told us that they live in the children’s home because their parents are poor.

We believe this is wrong

You can learn more about what they are doing here:
Filmed & edited by: Ignacio Marín
Filmed with: Nikon D610
Music: Tony Anderson – “Diana” (



First Delivery of Aid for Thousands in Fallujah Militarized Zone

This is the story of what you made possible for the children and families of ‪Fallujah‬, giving them what they need to hang on as the fight against ISIS rages. You showed up where others would not go. This is what your love does.


Starkey Hearing Foundation PSA

Only one out of every five people who could benefit from a hearing aid actually wear one (The National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders). By giving a donation to the Starkey Hearing Foundation, you’re giving someone else a chance to hear the world.
Starkey Hearing Foundation has operated in rural areas all over the world and has made significant strides to provide alternative hearing solutions for those who cannot afford, or even acquire it.

To give the gift of hearing, visit

Creative Direction – Joash Berkeley
Design/Illustration/Animation – Joash Berkeley
Voice Talents: Amy Wallace, Rucha Muley, Joash Berkeley
Music – Paul Suite
Sound Design – White Noise Lab
Final Mixing – White Noise Lab
Recording Equipment (special thanks) – Crosby Ignasher

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At 85 years old, organic raisin farmer and lifelong river advocate Walt Shubin is not slowing down. He has dedicated the last 65 years of his life to restoring California’s once-mighty San Joaquin River to the wild glory he remembers as a young boy. Driven by his passion for the river, and despite worn out knees and joints, he takes us on a journey to help us understand why this river is so important to all of us as well.

Learn more about the San Joaquin River and take action to restore its health at

Director: Justin Clifton

Editors: Chris Cresci & Justin Clifton

Cinematographer: Chris Cresci

Featuring: Walt Shubin

Location: Kerman, California

Abstract Aprils, The Weight of Familiarity
Blake Ewing, Ocean Run
Matthew Kidd, A Reflective Conversation in Bb

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