The Was, 2016

Soda_Jerk vs The Avalanches
with Chris Hopkins & Al Smithee




Centopeia is our graduation film
“In a dictatorship, a famous singer unwillingly becomes the icon of the revolution. He gets tossed around from one faction to the other, from the revolutionists to the hands of the dictator.”

Co-directed by Clement Rouil, Leonie Després, Bertrand Piot, Yoann Drulhe, Alexis Caillet, Jerôme Regef
Music by Philippe DE SOUSA
Sound Creation by Romain DEBRIE


Joy In People (Short Film Trailer)

Where there’s people there’s joy. Where’s more people there’s more joy.

A short film about happiness, nations & massive football crowds.

Filmed on location in France at the European Football Championships 2016.

Featuring – Merry Colchester
Writer/Director – Oscar Hudson
Producer – Callum Harrison
D.P. – Ruben Woodin Dechamps
French Production Assistant – Anna Teffaud
Sound Recordist – Luke Harris

Production Company- BAD
Executive Producer- Javier Alejandro


Des résidus analytiques.
Des résidus analytiques. Tout commence par une erreur. Un homme attend toute une vie qu’un conseiller réponde à son appel. Un autre fait l’équivalent du tour du monde dans son salon. Un groupe de touristes suit le gouide.
Mon dessin animé de fin d’étude à l’ EMCA, 2016.
Analytical residues. It all begins whith a mistake. A man spends his whole life expecting a hotline advisor to answer his call. Another makes the earth’s circumference in his living room. A group of tourists follows the gouide.
This my graduation film from EMCA, Angoulême.


Penal Reform | Mandela Rules

This short animated film from Penal Reform International tells the story of the Nelson Mandela Rules. As the first update to the Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners in over 60 years, the animation shows how the Nelson Mandela Rules will change conditions for prisoners and what they mean for future of prison management.

Created by Nice and Serious

Creative Director: Tom Tapper

Animation Director: Luke Marsh
Producer: Segolene Meheust
Writer: Matthew Harmer
Design & Animation: Guillaume Le Roux
Additional Animation: Luke Marsh
Sound Design & Music: Serafima Serafimova / Audio Networks
VO Artist: Russ Keffert

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Traffic Stop

Alex Landau, who is African American, recalls how he nearly lost his life following a traffic stop with the Denver police. He and his mother, Patsy, who is white, remember that night and how it changed them both forever.

Directed by: Gina Kamentsky & Julie Zammarichi
Executive Producers: Donna Galeno, Dave Isay & Lizzie Jacobs
Produced by: Rachel Hartman & Roxana Petzold
Audio Produced by: Jud Esty-Kendall
Animation, Design & Production: Gina Kamentsky & Julie Zammarichi
Animation Assistant: Temah Nelson
Production Intern: Jeremy Gordon
Original Music: Joshua Abrams
Music Performed by: Joshua Abrams, Marquis Hill, Emmett Kelly & Adam Thronburg
Music Mixed by: Joshua Abrams & Neil Strauch

Funding Provided by
Corporation for Public Broadcasting
W.K. Kellogg Foundation

In partnership with
American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress