Ute Assimilation

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The Assimilation of the Ute People. This video was created for the ANTH 317 North American Indian Cultures class during the Fall 2010 semester at the University of South Carolina.
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Colorado Experience: The Original Coloradans

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Colorado Experience takes you through the history of the state’s original inhabitants: the Utes. Historians trace their origins from pre-colonial days and early interactions with American trappers and explorers through the escalating friction with new settlers and gold seekers, to their ultimate expulsion to reservations. The first Ute reservations were established in the 1860’s, and today the question of land rights remains a topic of dispute for the Ute nation. Discover how the Utes’ legacy continues to impact Colorado today.
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Liquid Nitrogen Freeze-Ray Vs. Flamethrower

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I made a freeze ray! Im basically a bonafide evil genius now. Freeze your cat, girlfriend, or flowers, the possibilities are endless..! wait no, thats about it. PS before Jeopardy thinks about suing me for using their music, remember who has the freeze ray now! Kevin: 1 – Alex: 0 Some notes about the gun: There are commercial liquid nitrogen guns used by dermatologists to freeze warts and skin cancer off. The guy that sells me liquid nitrogen was telling me about them. he says they have a pressure release valve that keeps the pressure at around 70psi. The problem is its hard to make a thermos thats also pressure rated because you have a pressure on the inside of the flask, then a vacuum directly on the other side. They are fragile and expensive. I tried to put a nichrome heating element inside the thermos to increase pressure, but it ended up not working that great. shaking the thermos made way more pressure!
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Centopeia is our graduation film
“In a dictatorship, a famous singer unwillingly becomes the icon of the revolution. He gets tossed around from one faction to the other, from the revolutionists to the hands of the dictator.”

Co-directed by Clement Rouil, Leonie Després, Bertrand Piot, Yoann Drulhe, Alexis Caillet, Jerôme Regef
Music by Philippe DE SOUSA
Sound Creation by Romain DEBRIE


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Joy In People (Short Film Trailer)

Where there’s people there’s joy. Where’s more people there’s more joy.

A short film about happiness, nations & massive football crowds.

Filmed on location in France at the European Football Championships 2016.

Featuring – Merry Colchester
Writer/Director – Oscar Hudson
Producer – Callum Harrison
D.P. – Ruben Woodin Dechamps
French Production Assistant – Anna Teffaud
Sound Recordist – Luke Harris

Production Company- BAD
Executive Producer- Javier Alejandro

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Des résidus analytiques.

Des résidus analytiques. Tout commence par une erreur. Un homme attend toute une vie qu’un conseiller réponde à son appel. Un autre fait l’équivalent du tour du monde dans son salon. Un groupe de touristes suit le gouide.
Mon dessin animé de fin d’étude à l’ EMCA, 2016.
Analytical residues. It all begins whith a mistake. A man spends his whole life expecting a hotline advisor to answer his call. Another makes the earth’s circumference in his living room. A group of tourists follows the gouide.
This my graduation film from EMCA, Angoulême.

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